DATES: March 19  – May 28, 2015
TIME: Every other Thursday at 8:00 PM EDT
COST: $199  (See info on reduced fees below)


Are you running the risk of becoming one of the 70% of change efforts that fall short of their desired results? Are you on track but things are not moving fast enough? Concerned that even if you succeed in creating change, it won’t stick over time?

If any of these are your concerns, Real Time Strategic Change is your answer. RTSC is a proven approach for whole systems, teams and individuals to achieve fast and lasting results. The messier and more challenging the situation, the more RTSC can help.

Jake Jacobs will lead you through the practices, principles, and processes of Real Time Strategic Change to you can apply them to the real work you are doing right now – whether you are coaching individuals, working with teams or facilitating an organizational change effort.

The six live, interactive, online classes will be held every other week on Thursdays at 8:00 pm EDT, starting March 19.  They will be recorded if miss one.

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jake-photoJake Jacobs is the inventor of Real Time Strategic Change.  RTSC is a set of principles and practices that enable people and organizations to create their preferred futures faster and more sustainably.  For over 25 years, Jake has been helping leaders and their organizations create fast and far-reaching change. A business consultant, coach, former executive, and bestselling author, he has worked in a wide range of industries including Fortune 500s, small startups, government agencies, and nonprofits.  Jake has been told he has a “relentless dissatisfaction” with his current practice.  He prefers to frame this truth around his natural curiosity about why some organizations work and others don’t.  A pragmatist at heart, Jake would like “It worked” on the top of his tombstone.


Real Time Strategic Change (RTSC) has been used by AT&T to become competitive after deregulation, the Home Depot to help the front line become customer friendly, TJ Maxx to support their growth strategy of rapid expansion into Europe, Stanley Black & Decker executives to become a real team and break down silos and Adams Street Publishing for executive coaching.

RTSC is perfect for HR and OD professionals who want to create rapid, sustainable change, RTSC Practitioners interested in the next generation of Real Time Strategic Change, Leaders who want to align their team to achieve fast and far-reaching change, and Executive Coaches who want to deepen their impact.

The aim of this six-week interactive, online workshop is to enable you to create fast and lasting change on a current project of yours – and learn how to do it again in any situation.  Throughout these roll up the sleeves working sessions we’ll apply RTSC to a real project of yours — one where getting things done better, faster, easier and with lasting results are the goals.  Each session includes an article, video recap, and practical tool that will support you in doing good RTSC work now and in the future.

In addition, you will receive a link to download a copy of Jake Jacobs’s book Real Time Strategic Change.

You will apply what you are learning to one of your own projects. Any kind of project is fine to bring to the Practicum. RTSC makes a positive difference equally well no matter how many people are involved.  It also “plays well” with other approaches, making it a turbo-charger for methods that already form the core of your work.

  • Live interactive webinars – Personalized and content-driven by your needs, interests and questions.
  • Targeted readings – Case studies and information on the history, evolution and application of RTSC in a variety of contexts.
  • BYOP – You will apply what you are learning to a project you are currently working on.
  • Learning buddies – Pair with other participants to get ideas, insights, and fresh perspectives on your practicum project.
  • An ongoing community dialogue room – Explore questions, compare lessons you’re learning, and dig deeper into your work with fellow cohort members, Jake Jacobs, and other experienced RTSC Practitioners.
  • Conduct an RTSC Principles Assessment – This powerful assessment will enable you and your client to understand where to focus their resources to get the biggest positive impact.


  • Add value to your Practicum project — faster, better, easier results.
  • Be able to apply RTSC to help your client create their future faster and more sustainably.
  • Understand how to integrate RTSC with the approach and tools you are currently using.
  • Appreciate the history, foundations and next stage evolution of RTSC.
  • Gain insights into how Polarity Thinking© enhances Real Time Strategic Change.
  • Leverage lessons learned from your RTSC Principles Assessment to improve your project’s performance.
  • Know how to transfer what you’ve learned in the Practicum to your future work.


  • Week 1 – Hitting the Ground Running in Your RTSC Work
  • Week 2 – Scoping Your Project’s Possibilities
  • Week 3 – Developing and Aligning Your Project’s Leaders
  • Week 4 – Creating System-Wide Congruence
  • Week 5 – Assessing, Learning and Leveraging Your Work Using the RTSC Principles
  • Week 6 – Adding RTSC to Your Daily Practice

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What Past Participants Say About the RTSC Practicum

Jake’s RTSC workshop was chock full of valuable and applicable information that was very well supported with convenient sessions that were manageable with my busy schedule. His work is original and is a great addition to any organization development toolkit. I got a lot out of the sessions and highly recommend them.
~ Liza Taylor, MSOD, The Culture Advantage

Jake is an energetic and engaging presenter. His energy level and enthusiasm is out of this world! The course had an excellent mix of theoretical and applied information. Time was spent explaining his model and paradigm integrated with case examples and sharing of real life experiences. The learning was well supported by the wealth of articles, tools and discussion all made readily available through the online Conversation Café. I highly recommend this practicum.
~ Joel Shapiro, LICSW, Director, Human Resource Organizational Services, University of Vermont

The RTSC course is one of the most informative, dynamic, relevant and rewarding learning opportunities I have participated in. Jake has the ability to simplify complex material and communicate it in a manner that is appreciated by all levels of expertise. What I thought was an impossible timeline to develop and successfully implement a people strategy for my organization, I soon discovered it wasn’t. Thanks Jake!
~ Kathy Troy, Manager Human Resources Development, The City of Barrie, Ontario

The RTSC Practicum gives you lots of opportunity to learn new things about how to plan and lead change. Jake’s generosity, and the wealth of knowledge and practical tools that he shares during sessions and in between really enhanced my own learning, and the effect of the program.
~ Magnus Finnström, Director at Truepoint, Stockholm, Sweden

Video – 5 Minute Introduction to the RTSC Practicum

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